Lauren Conrad Recipe
Lauren Conrad’s Strawberry Rose Champagne cocktail Recipe

Well Friday is here, and so is another weekly dosage of Links We Love! In celebration of fellow party-lover, Lauren Conrad’s new book, Celebrate, we’re featuring some of our favorite posts from Lauren’s party planning blog. We’re sure you’ll love these as much as we do!


  1. How to Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar || Whether it’s a bridesmaid brunch or just beautiful Sunday morning, brunches always call for Bloody Mary’s. Take a peek at these tips to get the most out of your Bloody Mary bar and impress all of your guests!
  2. How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Real Adult || We’ve all been there. It’s your first “real” dinner party and you want to make sure it goes perfectly. Follow these few tips and you’ll be a dinner party pro before you know!
  3. Strawberry Rosé Champagne Cocktail Recipe || Because strawberries, champagne and sprinkles are some of our favorite things! Everyone should have a good drink recipe in their back pocket, feel free to grab this one!
  4. How to Host a Girl’s Wine Tasting Party || This one we love because who wouldn’t want to attend a Girl’s Wine Tasting Party? Treat your girlfriends to an evening filled with music, laughs and wine!
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