Card box and wedding registry inspiration

Picture this – you’ve just been invited to another wedding, you’ve RSVP’d to attend, and now you’re trying to pick out the perfect wedding gift for the couple. Sound familiar?

A lot of questions may come up as you shop for the best gift for the bride and groom. Well, don’t worry. Our gift to you in this blog post includes a few ideas for building your wedding registry as well as tips on giving a lovely wedding gift.

Creating a Unique Wedding Gift Registry

When you’re the one getting married, know that building your wedding registry can go beyond the common household items these days. Here are a few ways to make your registry unique:

  • Encourage Honeymoon Giving – Perhaps you’d like money for your honeymoon. It’s common nowadays to set up a “Honey Fund” where guests give whatever amount of money they’d like to contribute to your trip. Or maybe you’d like to see the Northern Lights in Iceland or have a fancy dinner on a river cruise. Some registries allow you to list honeymoon experiences that guests can give towards.
  • Allow Group Gifts – For some of those more expensive items on your wish list like that large set of dinnerware or that bungee jumping venture, group giving and partial gift giving can be a great feature. This lets multiple people contribute toward an item or experience. And as a guest, it’s more than fine to contribute a portion toward something.
  • Set Up Charitable Giving – Maybe you and your spouse-to-be are really passionate about a certain cause or perhaps you already have all of the kitchen and bathroom items you need. In lieu of a gift registry, encourage guests to contribute toward a special cause in honor of your marriage.

Whether you stick to the standard registry options or incorporate these other ideas, don’t forget to tie in your registry to your wedding website. This will help make searching for that perfect gift most convenient for your guests.

FAQs About Gift Giving:

Wedding registry inspiration

  • Should you stick to the wedding registry?
    When you stick to the registry, you’re guaranteed to be giving a gift that’s specifically sought after by the bride and groom. They’ve spent a lot of time selecting items for their registry. If you have a stellar idea though for something else outside of the registry, that’s fine, but be sure to think about what the couple would most appreciate.
  • What are the best registry sites?
    There are a lot of wedding registry sites out there, but here are a few we are ‘absolutely in!” to. Zola and Newlywish allow individual and group gifts, experiences, and cash funds from any store to be in one place. If you want a variety of items but it doesn’t make sense to register under a specific store, Amazon registries are great for curating all of your physical gifts in one place. With, you can set up your charitable giving page.
  • How much should you spend?
    Our friends at Zola help answer this question:
    Zola wedding registry and gift giving inspiration
  • Do you bring the gift to the wedding?
    A word to the wise – make it easy on the couple and have the gift delivered to their suggested address on the registry. This way, whether they’re having a destination wedding or are staying local, no one needs to worry about shipping, flying, or packing the items to transport them. 
  • Do I purchase a gift even if I cannot attend?
    Yes, typically if you are invited to a wedding, the proper etiquette is to give a gift even if you cannot attend.

If you have any other questions about gift giving and registries, your wedding planner can certainly be a resource for you in guiding you with the latest and greatest ways to go about gifts for your wedding or those you attend.

And lastly, being a guest at a wedding implies giving a gift to a couple in addition to whatever travel a guest might incur to make it to your big day. Be sure to send a heartfelt thank you note no more than a month after the honeymoon to express your gratitude for all they gave.

Happy registering and happy giving!

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