You have found the perfect partner, now it’s time to find the perfect wedding dress. But where do you start and what do you need to know? Here are five key tips to keep in mind when wedding dress shopping.

Must-Know Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

1. Purchase Your Gown 8-12 Months Before Your Wedding

This allows 6-10 months for the gown to arrive and approximately 2 months for alterations. Wedding gown designers do not typically have hanging stock, meaning each gown is cut to the size that you order. Thus, ordering well in advance is crucial. And if you’re needing suggestions of where to shop, your wedding planner can recommend salons that match your style and budget.

 2. You Will Need Alterations

Alterations can range from approximately $75-$700 depending on what needs to be done to the gown. Be sure to include this in your budget. You will most likely need a bustle and small changes here and there so your gown ends up fitting you like a glove.

 3. Bridal Gown Sizes are NOT the Same as Everyday Wear

Don’t be discouraged by sizes, ladies. That’s what seamstresses are for! Every designers’ size chart is different when it comes to bridal gowns. The common size of a bridal gown is numbered approximately two sizes more than your everyday wear and is based on your largest measurement to allow for alterations elsewhere. 

4. Be Honest with Your Consultant

Consultants want you to find your dream gown, so be honest with them. In most cases, the consultant is not the designer of the gown, so you won’t hurt their feelings if you do not like it. If you have other appointments, let them know so they can set you up with a revisit appointment if that makes sense for you. If you have tried on other gowns, show them pictures to help the consultant pull the best options based on what you like.

5. Be Ready to Say ‘Yes’

Go into each appointment expecting to find a gown that you love. Consultants help women found their gowns for a living and know what they are doing when they meet with you. Be ready to like a dress enough to say yes but never feel pressured to decide right on the spot. It is okay to go home, look at the pictures you have taken, compare different styles, and sleep on it.

When in an appointment, only bring the people that you’ll want to share their opinion and who you want to be there when you decide. 

Saying ‘Yes’ to the dress sometimes involves tears and often involves an unforgettable moment where you feel like the dress was made just for you. Embrace the experience with these tips and you’ll be glowing on your wedding day with a beautiful dress. Cheers!

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